Central Health Solution will focus on working with healthcare facilities and practices to its maximum potential and engage in rewarding partnership.

Patient Assistance Program

Transforming Healthcare for Physicians and Patients Alike We have a set of values and abide by them to help healthcare practices reach their maximum potential and be in rewarding partnerships. It is going to transform healthcare for both patients and physicians in the long run.


Trust is our basic foundation. And we believe in never breaking the trust of those we serve, whether physicians or patients. We will be transparent every step of the way, no matter the service you choose.
All of our staff members are held accountable for their actions, meaning they always accept responsibility for their actions, no matter the consequences.
Mutual Respect
We all deserve to be treated with respect, whether it’s the staff, professionals, physicians, or patients. And we ensure to treat the patients with utmost respect during patient communication.

Our Solutions are Available Nationwide

    • Provider Enrollment
    • Patient Communication
    • Patient Enrollment
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Referral Management
    • Clinical Trials & Buy &
    • Patient Assistance Program
    • Office Dispense
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Transition Care Management
    • Patient Support & Tracking
    • Medication Management
    • Wellness Program
    • Clinical Operations
Choose the service your patients need and bill them directly. Our portal will keep a record of all the supporting documents that you will require to bill your patients.

Teamwork is dream work

CHS brings ample experience for the path to success.

Referral & Continuity of Care

Buy & Bill

Patient Assistance Program

Remote Monitoring

Chronic Care

Individualized patient care

Office Dispense

Wellness Programs

Ongoing Patient Support

Ongoing Patient Support

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CHS aims to give all our clients efficient services so they can get better outcomes. Our administration and support staff have exceptional people skills. They are trained to assist you with inquiries and improve your experience with us.