Your Complete Solution to Remote Patient Monitoring

Give extra care to your chronic condition patients with Central Health Solutions' HIPAA Compliant System, Integrated solutions to RPM, and highly qualified, licensed medical professionals.

What is RPM?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a remote health monitoring solution that empowers physicians to manage the chronic conditions of their patients remotely. Our remote patient monitoring services are for chronic patients having insurance covering RPM service. It involves collecting patients' vitals through a medical device. This helps:

    • Monitor vitals at prescribed intervals
    • Reduce hospital admissions
    • Management of disease state before it becomes problematic
    • Fewer hospital visits & better care for patients
    • Billable CPT codes for the services


Why take on more work and increase risk when the solution is this easy?

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your services with CHS RPM. Through our Portal Access, you can get hold of actionable data that you can use to identify and treat at-risk patients faster. Get visibility into your patients' health conditions, monitor them using real-time data, and much more.

    • CHS does all the legwork with zero upfront cost to the physician’s office
    • Review EMR to create a list of eligible patients upon request
    • Under CHS RPM, patients get training and support
    • CHS RPM communicates to the patient’s relatives and physicians if there are any concerns
    • CHS RPM integrates billing
    • CHS confirms the patient’s consent at the time of onboarding
    • CHS RPM ships devices at no upfront cost to patients
    • Clinical team of CHS monitors vitals
    • CHS RPM prepares monthly reports for billing
    • CHS remote health monitoring system enables remote diabetes monitoring and remote blood pressure monitoring

What type of patient qualifies for RPM?

    • Anyone who is diagnosed with a chronic condition
    • A patient willing and disciplined to adhere to a vital monitoring schedule
    • Patient having health insurance that covers RPM


Benefits of all hardware CHS

    • Multi-carrier internal SIM card (no additional devices)
    • Encrypted cellular signal as required by HIPPA
    • FDA Approved devices for professional and accurate readings
    • Real-time data gets sent to the portal instantly
    • Replacements and technical support guaranteed </li

CHS RPM CPT Code Breakdown

CPT Code

Initial set-up an patient education on the use of equipment

Billing Frequency

Once at Set-up


CPT Code

Device provides daily recording and programmed alerts

Billing Frequency

Once at Set-up


CPT Code

Clinician spends 20 minutes in a calendar month on care managemen

Billing Frequency

Once at Set-up


CPT Code

Addon to 99457 can be billed twice for each individual 20 min block

Billing Frequency

Once at Set-up


CPT Code

The collection & interpretation of patient data by QHCP minimum 30 min/month

Billing Frequency

Once at Set-up


CHS RPM as compared to other vendors

Contrary to other remote patient monitoring companies, Central Health Solutions has a patient-centric mentality. It is focused on improving your patients' experience, making remote patient management easier for you, ultimately improving your experience. Ours is one of the remote patient monitoring platforms with a vision for better healthcare.

Patient Consents
Device Availability
Data Collection
Data Analyze
Patient Compliance
Monthly report
Insurance Biling
Support for Patient & Office
Revenue Builder

Remote Patient Monitoring Billing Breakdown

The more patients you enroll with CHS Remote patient monitoring program, the more time you will have to focus on other work like expansion, patient outreach, etc. Let us know roughly how many medicare patients you would include in your Remote Patient Monitoring Program. We'll give you an estimate of the monthly revenue you can generate with CHS RPM.

No. of Patient enrolled

Meet the Rock Stars

CHS RPM clinical team is located in the USA – not overseas, making patient remote monitoring more effortless for you. Our team consists of multiple RNs, PAs, and ARNPs to help you manage the chronic health conditions of your patients. The practice is assigned to 1-2 dedicated, highly qualified, licensed medical professionals.

CHS RPM for Patients and Relatives

What type of patient qualifies?

    • Any one who is diagnosed with a Chronic Condition
    • A patient that is willing and disciplined in getting vitals monitored
    • Eligible health insurance to cover the services