A Guide to Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management (CCM) involves offering services to individuals having two or more chronic conditions. These conditions include arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc. A CCM program generally includes coaching by licensed clinical professionals to patients for self-managing their chronic conditions.

Which patients qualify for chronic care management?

A patient needs to meet the criteria set by Medicare to become eligible for a chronic care management program. Those patients who face at least two chronic conditions that are expected to last at least 12 months can get assistance from a chronic care management program. Eligible patients need to give their consent to be in the CCM program. They must avail the service for at least 20 minutes a month. This duration can be extended up to 60 minutes.

Why should physicians choose a good chronic care management program?

A good chronic care management program by CHS is highly beneficial for physicians and healthcare providers. As chronic care is a preventive service, a CCM program can help you facilitate earlier interventions among your patients and encourage adherence to regulatory compliance with medication regimens. Moreover, you can support lifestyle improvements in your patients and even lower the number of hospitalizations, complications related to hospitalization, and unnecessary ER visits that your patients may face. It helps in improving patient engagement, leading to an increase in revenue. Other benefits of collaborating with CHS for CCM services include:

  • Access to custom reports and connect with your patients in one place
  • Automate billing reports
  • Create comprehensive, personalized care plans for patients
  • Track patient calls and emails
  • Save time with automated documentation
  • Find and enroll patients eligible for chronic care automatically

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