In a patient-centered healthcare environment, patient satisfaction has always been one of the top goals. Using an automated referral process allows healthcare providers to target their loyal patients and ensure that they are receiving more pesonalized interaction experience. As more patients are referred to specialists each year, the automated referral system and coordinated treatment have … […]

Remote patient monitoring is used by preventive care service providers to manage the health of high-risk patients, keep an eye on patients after discharge, look out for patients at high risk for hospital readmissions, and promote the adoption of value-based care. How RPM helps in providing preventive care? Let’s find out. How Remote Patient Monitoring … […]

Transitional care management is a great way to provide more efficient and effective healthcare to patients transitioning from a care facility to their homes. Many healthcare organizations are figuring out how to best fit transitional care services into their overall value-based model. Let us check out how they are implementing value-based care with transitional care … […]

The use of referral management, chronic patient care, and remote patient monitoring has led to an evolution in the healthcare system. They have made the healthcare industry more competitive than before. So, as a healthcare service provider, are you wondering how you can become the preferred healthcare service provider? What strategies can you make for … […]

Physicians and hospital staff often handle several patients daily and don’t get enough time to pay attention to individual experiences. Improving healthcare should be the utmost priority of every healthcare provider. After all, the better the patient care is, the more patient admissions and revenue generated will be. If a patient gets good patient care … […]