Medication Management Services to Reduce Medication-Related Errors

According to the FDA, it receives more than 100,000 reports of medication errors annually. These errors can result in many serious side effects, hospitalization, or even death. It becomes essential to minimize errors related to medication. Let’s find out what these errors are and why to get medication management services.

What are medication-related errors?

Errors related to medication occur when a doctor prescribes improper medication that is dispensed improperly, a patient consumes incorrect medicine, or when wrong drug information is fed into a computer system. Major medication-related errors include:

  • A patient receiving an unauthorized drug
  • Wrong dose of drug prescription
  • Prescription errors
  • A patient receiving medicine either too soon or too late
  • Errors by drug administrators
  • Wrong use of medicine
  • Not considering a patient’s medical conditions when prescribing medicine
Why get medication management services?

In the US, medication-related errors (that could have been prevented) account for more than $500 billion annually in health care costs. You can reduce this cost by collaborating with a medication management services provider. We will help you identify and correct medication-related issues before they can hurt your patients. Other benefits of choosing medication reconciliation services include:

  • Lower the cost of care for your patients
  • Reduction in health-related adverse events
  • Provide better healthcare service to your patients
  • Get comprehensive medication reconciliation reports
  • Verifying and comparing your patient’s current medicines to reduce errors
Why join hands with CHS?

At Central Health Solutions we streamline the medication process and offer you an exceptional medication management service. We use technology that provides the potential to improve the accuracy of the medical process while aiming to reduce overall costs. Our professionals are here to take off your load and provide your patients with the best possible medication management services. Book your appointment today to collaborate with us! Give us a call at 844-683-4139 or send us an email at [email protected].

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