Patient Monitoring Made Easy with Central Health

Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy with Central Health Solutions

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, was gaining traction among the masses earlier as well. However, Covid-19 brought the service to the mainstream as people minimized direct contact with others and tried to limit travel.

The service involves using digital technologies to record and monitor patients’ health and medical data at one location. The data is then transferred electronically to healthcare providers located elsewhere. They further assess the data and provide necessary recommendations and instructions if needed.

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

Given the number of benefits remote patient monitoring has, it is no surprise that many healthcare providers are adopting RPM. Some of the benefits of remote patient monitoring are:

  • Effective and efficient monitoring of vitals at prescribed intervals.
  • Reduction in the number of hospital visits a patient has to make.
  • Faster access to healthcare resulting in better care for the patients.
  • Manage disease well within time, avoiding major health crises.
  • Drive down the cost of healthcare.
  • Access to detailed data on personalized health.

How does CHS make remote patient monitoring easier?

Under CHS’s remote patient monitoring service, chronic patients are provided with a medical remote patient monitoring device to collect their vitals. The device is shipped at no upfront cost, and the patients are given training, support, and other assistance needed to set up the device. Additionally, our team communicates with patients’ families and physicians and makes recommendations if the need arises.

RPM device by CHS has the following benefits:

  • Multi-carrier internal SIM card (no additional devices).
  • FDA Approved; ensuring professional readings only.
  • Data gets sent to the portal instantly.
  • Guaranteed replacements and technical support.

With RPM, healthcare providers can not only deliver more effective care but reap significant financial benefits. Sounds interesting? Book your appointment today! You can also give us a call on 844-683-4139 or leave an email at [email protected] for more information.