What Makes Automated Referral Management Beneficial for Healthcare Providers?

In a patient-centered healthcare environment, patient satisfaction has always been one of the top goals. Using an automated referral process allows healthcare providers to target their loyal patients and ensure that they are receiving more personalized interaction experience.

As more patients are referred to specialists each year, the automated referral system and coordinated treatment have grown to be major challenges for both independent and hospital-based clinics. If done correctly, automated referral management can be extremely beneficial for healthcare physicians. How? Let’s find out:

High Completion Rates

With automatic referral management, you can keep tabs on the progress of your patients’ referrals and ensure that your patients are scheduled for appointments. This enables more openness and better care management.

Complete Utilization

Automated referral management provides the right care continuum, which makes it easy to track a patient’s progress and helps to improve the utilization for both providers and the staff. There is more patient inducement through online scheduling platforms. It gives the patients the power to schedule their appointments based on their availability.

Controlled Referral Loops

A doctor’s loss increases with the size of their expanded network and hence a major issue here is referral loops or leakages. It can be drastically reduced once a successful and automated referral management solution is put in place at the health management department.

Improvement in Leads

Studies show that up to 65% of referrals made by primary care practitioners (PCPs) to specialists are unnecessary. The time spent on these unnecessary referrals can be reduced with the use of effective automated referral management.

Easy Patient Access

Improved patient access is an additional advantage of most referral management technologies. Patients have the authority to set their own appointment times. Even in situations where they don’t need to make appointments in person, they can communicate with providers by using the features of referral management system.

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