Individualized Patient Care
Joining Central Health Solutions will help your patients get the care they deserve, cost-effectively achieve their treatment goals, and get tangible positive results.
Ongoing Patient Support

Individualized Patient Care

We work with physicians who further choose our services to provide care to their patients. Though we do not directly serve patients, we ensure they get the best healthcare service from Central Health Solutions. Patients who associate with CHS via their healthcare providers will receive the following benefits:

    • Aligned for monitoring healthcare vitals
    • Cost effectiveness and reduce out of pocket costs
    • Continuation of Healthcare and avoid interruption in service
    • Address Questions and Concerns
    • Find Coupons and financial Assessment Opportunities
    • Get onboarding and technical support
    • Track vitals in real-time
    • Individualized patient care
    • Qualified staff addressing all questions and concerns
    • Offer optimal comfort to patients
    • Get introduced to patient wellness programs and patient assistance
    • Referral & continuity of care

Ongoing Patient Support from Reliable Team

Unique services that you can count on

Our team provides remote healthcare services to the patients enrolled with our partner physicians. It has reduced the number of visits patients have to make to hospitals. Additionally, in case of unusual readings in our remote patient monitoring device, our staff alerts physicians, and family members of the patient enrolled at the time of onboarding. It has helped us in managing disease state before it becomes problematic.

The skilled and qualified team at CHS also provides training and coaching to patients, so they are well-acquainted with patient vitals monitoring, knowing how to monitor their vitals remotely using remote patient monitoring devices. They offer ongoing patient support until you are associated with us.

Benefits to Providers – Ongoing Patient Support

Providers can benefit immensely from the services provided by Central Health Solutions. With our assistance, they can offer training to their patients regularly, lowering their administrative burden. Providers can get recurring revenue by referring CHS to other medical practices. We have helped them provide a patient-centered care experience to their patients. Other benefits of collaborating with CHS include:

    • Reduce administrative cost
    • Reliable partner in patient monitoring & compliance
    • Improve Patient retention and patient outcomes
    • Better patient engagement
    • Enhance Patient loyalty and satisfaction
    • Improve the quality of care
    • Transparent patient enrollment
    • Access to more patients
    • Assistance in clinical tasks, including (CCM, TCM, and Med Recon.)
    • Growth in practice without additional overhead costs
    • Billing is made easier with billing partners

Get Reimbursed, Increase Your Revenue

The providers who partnered with us are able to efficiently help their patients manage chronic conditions, deliver more timely preventive care to them and bill them without any disruption. We have a smooth billing process and will provide you with monthly billing reposts. You can use them to directly bill your patients for the service they received or submit claims for reimbursement.

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Individualized patient care

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Ongoing Patient Support

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