In the past few years, healthcare has changed how it helps people. It’s more about focusing on the patient and creating programs to support them. When we talk about patient support, we usually think about money help. But patients need more than that.¬† Making patient support programs and services that put the patient first improves … […]

Referrals are important in the healthcare system as they help doctors and specialists work together and give you the best care possible. Whenever your primary care doctor refers you to a specialist, they want you to see someone with expert knowledge in a specific area. This way, you can get the right diagnosis and treatment … […]

Remote patient monitoring proved to be a revolutionary method of treatment especially in the times of pandemic. When the whole world had lockdowns, healthcare providers that availed remote patient montioring services were able to montior the health of their patients easily. There are many other advantages that come with using remote patient monitoring¬† or RPM … […]

In a patient-centered healthcare environment, patient satisfaction has always been one of the top goals. Using an automated referral process allows healthcare providers to target their loyal patients and ensure that they are receiving more pesonalized interaction experience. As more patients are referred to specialists each year, the automated referral system and coordinated treatment have … […]

Transitional care management is a great way to provide more efficient and effective healthcare to patients transitioning from a care facility to their homes. Many healthcare organizations are figuring out how to best fit transitional care services into their overall value-based model. Let us check out how they are implementing value-based care with transitional care … […]