Care coordinators are crucial in Transition Care Management (TCM), a process that ensures seamless patient transitions between different healthcare settings. These professionals act as facilitators, helping patients handle the complexities of the healthcare system during transitions, such as hospital to home or one healthcare provider to another. They play key roles in transition care management. … […]

Transition care management, or simply “TCM,” is essential to improve the outcomes of patients with complex medical requirements. When an acute disease strikes, patients with co-occurring disorders often find it challenging to manage their health, which results in high readmission rates and unfavorable patient outcomes. Transition care management addresses these challenges by working with patients … […]

Transition Care Management is a way to make sure people get the proper care when they move from one healthcare setting to another. This can happen when you leave the hospital, go from one doctor to another, or shift from a transition care from nursing home to primary care. The importance of this management is … […]