Transition Care Management: Helping Patients Transition to a New Care Setting

Transition Care Management Helping Patients Transition to a New Care Setting
After being released from the hospital, the first 30 days are always considered crucial for patients. The transition period between the time a patient is discharged from the hospital till the time they reach their homes, primary care, or nursing home can be a confusing scenario both for the patient and their caregivers. As per clinical sources, close to one in five patients is readmitted to hospitals every year due to poorly managed care transitions that negatively impact overall health outcomes. So, let’s explore how this poor patient transition can be prevented.

How is Transition Care Management Helping Patients?

Transition care management (TCM) service providers offer the most reliable and convenient transition-care facilities that help patients recover faster and live healthy and fulfilling golden years. They ensure the patients are getting safe and timely care as they transition between care settings. TCM helps patients by:
  • Making patients’ quality of life better
  • Lowering hospital readmissions

Why Choose Transition Care Management Solutions?

There are many TCM service providers. One such reliable provider is CHS. Our TCM services support patients’ personalized health experiences, enable integrated and coordinated care, and identify the best transition plans for patients. Here’s why it will be beneficial for you to collaborate with CHS:
  • We streamline care coordination, expanding your patient’s access to care teams.
  • We constantly communicate with the patients in their transitional phase.
  • We monitor the patient’s progress over the 30-day post-discharge period.
  • We ensure there are no medical complications arising by establishing contact with patients within 2 days of their discharge.
  • We create and share discharge reports that outline every stage of a patient’s transition care plan

Join Hands With Us!

Whether your patients need transitional care from a nursing home to primary care or from hospital to home, CHS has the best transition care solutions for you. Give us a call at 844-683-4139 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll help you discover how Central Health Solutions is good for you and your patients.