How Improving Health Equity Benefits the Overall Community?

Health equity is the concept stating that every person should have equal access to health care, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, social position or income. The goal of health equity is to improve the health status of populations with poorer outcomes.

Why Health Equity is Important?

There’s nothing more important than the health of our communities. When the health and well-being of a community are at risk, it has a significant impact on the lives of everyone living in that community. For example, when a disproportionate number of people in a community lack access to affordable healthcare or quality education, they often face barriers leading to success. It can affect their families and entire neighborhoods. Practicing health equity helps in reducing the negative effects of poverty. It allows everyone to have the same opportunity to access the healthcare system, eliminating disparities in health status between different populations.

How Improving Healthcare Equity Benefits the Community

Health equity is not just about improving access to healthcare. It has other benefits like:

  • Lowers healthcare costs: Improving health equity benefits the overall community by lowering healthcare costs and reducing crime. This is because when people have access to preventive care, they can avoid hospitalizations which saves money for both individuals and employers.
  • Increases productivity: People who are sick or injured don’t attend school or work as often as they should. They can’t contribute as much to their families and communities. But healthy individuals are more likely to stay at work longer and be more productive employees.
  • Protects against discrimination: Healthcare equity also helps protect against discrimination against certain groups who might otherwise face barriers to receiving medical treatment because of who they are or where they live.

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