Major Causes Associated with Clinical Trials Failure

Clinical Trials
The clinical trial of any drug is essential and there is always a chance for things to go wrong. But what makes the trials go wrong? Well, there are various reasons that contribute to the failure, including poor management, lack of efficiency, complicated protocols, errors in phase 2 testing, or a combination of these. Let’s talk about these reasons in detail. As per the latest industry research, about 90 percent of drugs that reach the clinical stage never make it for FDA approvals or commercialization. Below are the reasons why most of the clinical trial failures occur:

Poor Working Management

Clinical management teams who do not have enough experience in following clear timelines in conducting trials and can’t manage the costs related to trials are the root cause of many clinical failures.

Complicated Protocols

Simplicity is always the best. Hence, patient-centric protocols are more likely to succeed. A complex protocol that tries to answer too many questions in one single go can lead to faulty and contradictory results, leading to clinical trial’s failure.

Not Following Regulatory Compliance

Not abiding by regulatory compliance ruins a long-term project. It can also damage the reputation of pharmaceutical companies and researchers associated with the project.

Inefficient Team

An inefficient team can contribute to things going wrong. Therefore, it is important to have a productive, experienced, and well-motivated team for conducting clinical trials. Know that even the best team using poor measurement devices can see negative clinical trial outcomes. Therefore, while getting an efficient team on board for clinical trials make sure they get the best equipment.

Errors in Phase II Testing

There are high chances of errors, missing data, or biased data in phase II trials. Carefully conducting phase II trials helps one identify potential failures at the pre-mature stage. It also reduces or minimizes the risk of costly failures that can happen later, thus saving time, energy, and resources.

Final Words

Having their drug reach the final trial stage is a big deal for any company. But it’s disappointing when years of effort and resources go to waste. However, our team at Central Health Solutions can help you lower the risk and failure of clinical trials. Join hands with us today!!