The process of conducting a clinical trial involves protocol writing, ethics approvals, recruitment and retention, data analysis, and more. Hence, it can be challenging to conduct clinical trials. When conducting clinical trials, it is important to consider certain factors to ensure that you meet the goals of your trial successfully. Let’s check them out. The … […]

When providing healthcare services or dispensing medications, patients are the sole focus of healthcare service providers. Many have predicted that patient centricity is going to be the future of digital health management. Let us know more about it. What is Patient Centricity? Patient centricity means improving patient experience and engagement to make them active participants … […]

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, was gaining traction among the masses earlier as well. However, Covid-19 brought the service to the mainstream as people minimized direct contact with others and tried to limit travel. The service involves using digital technologies to record and monitor patients’ health and medical data at one location. The data is … […]

The clinical trial of any drug is essential and there is always a chance for things to go wrong. But what makes the trials go wrong? Well, there are various reasons that contribute to the failure, including poor management, lack of efficiency, complicated protocols, errors in phase 2 testing, or a combination of these. Let’s … […]

The importance of attracting new patients by using referrals is not new, but the reduced margins for hospitals have put the issue of patient leakage on radar. How can hospitals and physicians reduce patient referral leakage? Let’s find out. Have Online Appointment Scheduling Healthcare providers with digital presence have a higher chances of retaining patients … […]