Patient support & tracking

Our service of patient support & tracking is unique in the industry. We offer this service from small to large healthcare facilities, ACO and Government agencies.
CHS offers the support and training patients need on behalf of the physicians. Whether it is to help patients during the time of onboarding, addressing any of their health concerns or providing training in using patient monitoring devices, we will do it all.
Physicians can track patient data in real-time with our platform. They can quickly intervene upon noticing unusual patient vitals and provide medical attention on time. It helps physicians take control of medical emergencies before the situation becomes worse.

Our Services Will Be Driven By Three Important Factors:

    • Pre-enrollment data
    • Current status of patient
    • Weakness and strength of the patient’s vitals
    • Susceptibility of emergency care
    • Taylor made individualized plan

At CHS we do not believe in “Cookie Cutter” options for patient or healthcare professionals. We develop plans based on the needs of patients based on healthcare professionals recommendations and guidelines.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

No two individuals will have the same medical conditions and the care and medical plans they need will also differ. At CHS we do not believe in “Cookie Cutter” options for patients or healthcare professionals and offer tailor made individualized plans. It means that we don’t offer the same medical plans to everyone.

We develop plans based on the needs of patients after taking into consideration all necessary guidelines and recommendations made by healthcare professionals. We use a patient’s pre-enrollment data and combine it with prediction and risk models to identify the care patient’s needs. It helps us improve the quality of clinical care we provide to patients that are connected with us through their healthcare service providers.

Reducing Number of Hospitalizations, Improving Patient Outcome

With our remote patient support, we help patients take care of their health remotely. They can check their vitals while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Their data is stored on our platform that physicians can access and offer treatment quickly in case of at-risk patients. It helps lower the number of hospitalisations

Training and Ongoing Remote Patient Support

Physicians collaborating with CHS to provide remote patient monitoring services to their patients need to leave all your worries aside. As one of the top remote patient monitoring companies, we take care of everything on behalf of our partners. For example, those who opt for our remote patient services need not worry about offering training and support to their patients. Experienced and trained staff of CHS will deliver remote patient monitoring devices at the doorstep. They will provide training to use the device and offer any additional support.

Additionally, our staff regularly communicates with your customers and provides them timely reminders, ensuring patient adherence. In case the vitals of a patient are outside safe standards, they alert the physician and family members of the patient named at the time of onboarding.

Manage Health Conditions Earlier with Clinical Services by CHS

We believe in providing the best quality care to all our patients. With CHS, you can get regular health checkups done. It will help you detect any medical complication that may arise and manage it so that things don’t take a turn for the worse.

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